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Friday, September 9, 2011

We Have Nearly Survived the First Week of School

It's Friday.

I don't think I have ever looked forward to a Friday so much in a super long time.

It's the first week of school - and while it is a four day week - it has been kicking our butts.  As S4 has whined..."Why do we have to go EVERY day?'  And S1 admits he would like school a bit more if he could just have a day to sleep in.  Okay, maybe every day sleep in and then go to school.

We've had school, practice and Daddy has been working crazy hours every day this week.

Can. Not. Wait. For. Tonight.

We are going to eat a ham meal, settle in on the couch and veg...all cuddled together.

We'll probably all be asleep by seven pm.  But that will be just fine by all of us, I'm sure.

Here's a snap shot of this morning....

After a morning where S4 has cried that school is horrible and he doesn't want to go back, S3 is peeling a carrot for his bunny but then decided to eat most of it himself, S2 just wants us to GET TO SCHOOL because he gets to wear his jersey to school today and S1 just wants just one day to sleep in....

We got in the suburban a bit late.

S4 remembered he hadn't eaten breakfast at 7:38.  We have to leave school at 7:40.

Today is school picture day.  We found some great place that is highly recommended by a friend and we are going for family photos Sunday.....

All you who recall our last family photos
Knows how monumental that above statement is.
And now you should all pray for me.
And suggest clothes for us to wear.  Quickly.

I told the boys they could wear what they wanted today for the yearbook picture they will be getting.

S1 is fully decked out in camo.  S2 has his jersey on (of course).  S3 is bundled up in his most favorite John Deere coat/sweater thing.  S4 has on a black tshirt with a motorcycle on it because it makes him look dangerous.


We jammed to Ted Nugent's Fred Bear on the way to school, with another song by the Beatle's thrown in, ran in to the door (because we were nearly late) and S4 lost his shoe and began to sob.

Because we can not STILL find his shoes and he is wearing S3's shoes.  The velcro is about shot on them.  It's not a pretty sight.

We finally make it in the door where S1 has to hug me to find out what we are having for dinner.  No hug, no dinner knowledge.  And since this is NEED TO KNOW information, I'm getting a hug every day.  I consider this awesome.

We manage to deliver all the boys to the correct class before the school bell rings.  S3 just has a little more carrot to munch on as he walks into class.

We are getting there.  I think.  I hope.

But tonight? Oh, tonight I am so excited to have all my boys home and cuddle them and chill for the whole evening.  That will be total Friday night bliss.


Anonymous said...

Tonight will be the best night ever I just know it! I hope today goes smoothly and that you get some much needed snuggles and love tonight.

The Farmer's Wife said...

I mean, about the drama and all that!
Yum, on the ham!

And I just saw a photo session done where the family wore all denim (do you have a denim skirt?) and black. I thought it wouldn't work, but it looked VERY clean and cool...nice change from the white and denim...and with the blondes in your family, it would be so striking! Especially if the photos are outside. That's my toss out on wardrobe ideas. I think black Hanes tshirts are cheap and when new, look pretty sharp...for the boys. If you have a denim jacket, that would set you apart, girlie....