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Monday, February 21, 2011

We Are On Our Way To Cabela's!!!!

After dropping off Sadie into Dave's most capable hands, we were off on our road trip.

Which meant after we made that video (you can see it here) we were literally in the suburban within five or ten minutes. And gone...on our way to not return until the fun was done. This meant that I left behind my dirty dishes, mud colored floor, piles of laundry, and kids toys all over the floor.

I have never hoped a cleaning fairy would arrive at the house more or that our friends taking care of Josie dog would be totally blind upon entering our home, unable to recall the mess it was.

But we were GONE!!!

We were ON VACATION!!!!


Halfway through our trip, we stopped at McDonald's. The boys were THRILLED. If one of the boys is with me or one of the boys is with Daddy, there may be a swing by McD's...but all of us? Never. So this was a huge deal.

Ever wonder what it takes to feed us?

We ordered 50 chicken McNuggets with BBQ sauce, three dollar double cheeseburgers, two large fries, one oatmeal.

(guess who ate the oatmeal? It's new and it is VERY good!)

He thought this McNugget looked like the state of Michigan.
I was THRILLED to see they had Shamrock shakes....soooooo very happy! I love me some shamrock shake and yes, it went great with oatmeal. (And I love this pose of S4. I have no idea what Abraham was trying to explain.) The boys were in shock that we were eating at McDonald's.

They ate every last crumb (except the oatmeal, which my husband just shook his head in complete "girls, sheesh" manner), shared the shake and two large drinks amongst us and then we were headed out. We all did the pee run and scarfed our food to get going as fast as we could. We had that late start and were not to keen on driving in the dark.

But it was dark fast.

And it was soooooooooo scary to drive down the highway next to concrete barrier walls. A country girl, I am. Cornfields and dense forest don't worry me. Highways do.

But the conversations flowed. S4 asked his oldest brother if he could talk deer.

I mighta snickered. But I quit right away when S1 answered with, "Sure I can, Abraham. You just .........." and then he made these weird sounds.

Andrew was totally serious.

Just when we thought we would forever be lost in a maze of lights and concrete, we rounded a corner and seen
The Moon.

It was brilliant bright orange. We all ooohhhhheeeeddd and ahhhhhhed over it and tried to take pictures of it.
The boys and I are still talking about the moon.

And just shortly after that, we see it.....

Andrew began giggling and jumping and telling me that this was just one of the best days ever and he just couldn't believe it was real and it was great.

Abraham informed me I was a good moma after all.

Eli asked for a gun.

It was a beautiful moment.

We hadn't even entered the store yet.

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Anonymous said...

Best Mama EVER!!I love it!