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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Morning Talk About The Verve Pipe - Wake Up

This morning, I awoke to my husband's alarm clock going off.

Since we haven't woken up at the same time in - well - a week, it'd been a long time since I had heard the "click".

Then I brace myself for the startling loud singing of our two oldest boys singing "Wake up, wake up, wake up, it's early in the morning". It's a recording they giggled through for their Daddy.

THEN, the radio blares and my husband hits snooze.

Today he hit it about ten times.

But I didn't care cuz then we could cuddle a little bit longer.

The song the boys sang to their daddy and recorded on the alarm clock is a song that they play at our school

I should know it by heart but I don't because I am always rushing to make sure the boys aren't marked "tardy".

We may *gulp* have more than 2 or 3 or 5 tardies marked on our behalf. (TECHNICALLY, we ARE in the school, we just have FOUR classrooms to visit and people to chat good morning to and it takes us a little longer than the average family to get to class.)

This week, as the song was playing and S4 and I were making the trek from one end of the school to the farthest part of the school where his preschool is located, he asked me a stunning question.

"Why do we have to hear this song every morning?"

"Cuz it's happy," I replied, happy to be holding his little hand in mine as we walked past his older brothers class artwork on the walls.

"But WHO is happy to get up early in the morning? I'm not!"

That sorta stumped me.

Cuz I'm not either.

But it doesn't take away from the song, from a band who is, actually, from Grand Rapids, Michigan, which makes it even cooler.

Even if waking up is not cool.

Just ask my preschooler.
Our principal just told me that she does
play this song EVERY day.
I was sure I heard it every day.
We figure it must just be because it is our favorite.
But I looooooooove our school principal and wanted to make sure she
was quoted in this post. :)
23 Days till Spring

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Karen said...

I knew the name of that band sounded familiar. I had to google them and then went to youtube. They had a popular song in '96 called The Freshmen. Interesting.