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Saturday, February 5, 2011

the Blizzard in Photos, Part Two

The day before the blizzard hit, I got message from Fox 17 asking if they could talk to the Morning Mom and her boys on the snow day.
Are you kidding me? I love my Fox 17 and was thrilled they asked! The boys were sooooo excited to say hello to everyone!
The morning was insanely busy with weather reports. All our roads were closed, all our schools were closed, businesses were closed.....we went on at the end of the seven am hour. They had us up on Skype so we were all prepared to see our friends...
...but we were facing a wall....
and while we could hear their voices, we couldn't see them and Abraham cried in dejected sadness no one was there to see his Camo apron on. He wailed in sadness.
On live tv.
Andrew came in to save the day talking about his tractor.
We didn't see that one coming!!!! But we were happy to have a moment to chat with them...and so grateful they called and wanted to talk to us for that traumatic moment! :)
Afterwards, the boys set up a tent city in true snowed in mode.
And we only have our dogs read the best books on snowed in days......
I spent a good portion of the day making these oh so yummy smell wonderful make you drool cinnamon rolls from the Pioneer Woman. Oh. So. Good. The boys and I could have lived on these and cocoa (well, coffee for moma). We pretty much did.
We ventured outside and climbed a snow bank. It was truly lovely how as soon as the blowing and snowing was done, the sunshine came out and it was breathtaking.
I am sure you can sense their excitement. This was a snow bank that Hubs had begun before, now just huger.....
Ah, I love my boys.
And snow days.

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