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Monday, February 21, 2011


We arrived at Cabela's on Saturday morning at two minutes past nine am. Because we thought they opened at nine. They open at eight. Had we known that, the boys would have had us there at eight.
It is just absolutely amazing to see all there is to see. There is so much you miss because there is sooooo much. And it's all placed so well, as though you are truly watching these wildlife scenes play out.

They are so realistic, Abraham pulled the dramatic "I'm so frightened" card while the others were loving every moment. And I forgot to get a picture later when he was begging to just go look at the polar bear just one more time.
I think they were happy to finally really be there.
In Cabela's.
There are huge live fish in this pool. You can feed them and check out the mountain. I was snapping photos and praying they didn't fall in. Because I know my boys. They have some of my traits...they could have fallen in easily.
This mountain is just so impressive.
It was nearly impossible to see the fish. Andrew, taking after his father as he is the first born, suggested we should start picking up all the fish food people had dropped to get more food for our money.
The fish didn't care. They were happy to eat up everything. We have their happiness on video.
Okay, you have to admit, this is cool.
I found this to be the perfect place to pose for a photo. (My shirt says My Husband Rocks, you can find them here. Jake thought it was brilliant I wore pink, I was easy to spot wherever I wandered off to. I was happy to wear it, I was soooooooooo thrilled Jake was with us on vacation!)
All the aquariums were a blast. S4 met up with one of the family members of the rubber back turtle he met earlier this summer. The pictures were hard to take in that light...but we took video!
It's obviously an elephant and a fight in a tree.
I don't know what else to say.
Those two things were next to the Gun Library. Filled with Guns. Abraham (S4) did not get it. How do you have a library with just guns? He is still confused by this.
Andrew hopes to shoot a buck like this. Next fall. Or sometime soon.
Or anytime.

Here is a happy S4. All he wanted was a stuffed animal and he chose this Elk. And then he had to have him pose by his family. Elk has not left his side since he was placed in the cart.
These photos I love. Let me explain. We don't have video games here at home, no wii, no knex, nothing. So they were thrilled to try to play about every game we came across. S4 wanted to play this shooting game in the worst way and since he wasn't doing well - AT ALL - S1 bent down and helped him steady the gun.
All the boys were enthralled and it made my heart melt that they just all cheered for S4 in his "first hunt".

When they moved on to car races, I have made the decision they will never ever get their licenses. It totally cracked me up to see their different body languages behind the wheel.
It was a brilliantly wonderful fun filled day. We took the boys to Applebees for lunch where they had no idea how they could c0ok us all different foods and then they wanted to know what happened if they needed more food?

My boys, you can tell we eat home every night.

I did not take nearly enough photos of all the beauty of Cabela's. Because it truly was beautiful.

We let all the boys choose a gift to take home. Jake got a sweatshirt, I found a pair of shoes I had been drooling over in the bargain cave (score!), Andrew got a huge target for his bow and forked over his own money to buy a pop gun (and since that moment, all I have heard is pop guns.), Isaac bought a rubber band gun and we bought him an under armor turtleneck he hasn't taken off in over 48 hours now, Eli also found a pop gun - gleeful he has the one item he truly wanted - and, as you seen, Abraham got his stuffed Elk.


As we wandered Jake and I realized, in thirteen years of marriage, we have never ever been on vacation together with all our boys. We have never ever told them they could choose one gift.

It was precious.


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I think we have one of those in Phoenix.

Want to come to Phoenix?

Anonymous said...

No MN! We have TWO in MN!!!