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Saturday, February 5, 2011

the Blizzard Pictures, Part Three

I had tromped outside with the boys in all the snow...forgetting the snow ruler. In some places there was no snow....just much ice. Other places were well above my knees. It was amazing. There were literally waves of snow everywhere.
Since I was outside and the dogs wouldn't leave me alone, I had S1 snap this photo. It took five tries and this one the dogs are sorta kinda looking at the camera...but more at me to see who could get the most loving.
Sadie is the black one. She was hit by a car earlier this year and has a bit of a hip problem she is overcoming. She curled up and found a warm place in my heart when I was doctoring her up.
Josie is our old dog who is on full alert all the time. She loves snow. But the snowmobilers going through the main Michigan trail behind our house, not so much. She must bark and warn them all she is on patrol.
And here are my little boys.
And here are my big boys.
Just a note, this was NOT the year to say "When spring comes I'll get myself some snow pants on clearance. Because having two pairs of pants on was not enough. I was FREEZING. But see S1? Those were my carharts.

And they fit him.

How. Did. He. Get. So. Big?????
Here is the house......see the rusty plow thing? This sits on top of a rock garden. It's pretty dang tall. That was impressive to me to see that much snow that you can't really see the rocks.

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