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Saturday, February 5, 2011

the Blizzard in Photos, Part Six

After two snow days, it was back to school for the boys and back to work at the library for me.
But we were all impressed with all the snow at the school so I ran home for my cameras and after school, I let the boys bundle up and play in the snow banks.
I believe the windchill was NEGATIVE twelve.
The boys could not understand why the school would not let them have outdoor recess with these snowbanks.
Want to hear what they thought of the snow? Here is a YouTube of the fun!
This is the school parking lot, this is the unplowed yard. This is how much snow we got this week. Amazing.


Chelsea said...

There are no words. I want to be "foot naked in the grass" too! You know I live in AZ right? And I can NOT handle the cold we're having right now. OMG I don't know how you do it.

Karen said...

Okay. Whew. I got over here to read your Blizzard Chronicles. Thoughts I have...
1. Those sticky buns (maybe you called them cinamon rolls - now I forget) looked amazing. I can almost smell their yumminess through the computer.
2. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of the complete outside of your house. You have a genuine farm house. And, I am completely jealous. It's beautiful.
3. That snow in the school snowbanks video looked so tall that they could almost touch the powerlines. I'm sure it was just the angle you were shooting from. But, still, that was a lot of snow.
4. I loved the video of your husband coming home from plowing. Those boys sure love their daddy. He must feel like a king when he comes home and gets such a reception!
5. Your boys are always smiling. You all just look so so happy.