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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cabela's Recap

Cabela's for a girl....
Was a ton of fun.

My husband informed me that was because I am not a girly girl. I wanted to argue with him, but I was just to heads over heels in love with the fact that we were on vacation that I didn't.

My hubby was a blast all weekend. When I found this nasty, can't believe they made that, stuffed opossum toy in the kids part of the store, I had to have him take my picture with it.

Because I hate and detest and loathe and can't stand opossums. Here are two stories about my life dealing with the nasty things (click HERE, one is one of the very first blog posts I ever wrote. And next Praise and Coffee the Magazine, you are gonna hear a whole long out saga about one.)

After we had returned to our totally boy themed hotel (it even had deer painted tiles in the shower), my husband went back to Cabela's and bought me the opossum.

It is sitting beside me as I type this and makes me smile and my tummy do little flip flops of love for him. Because it makes me laugh whenever I get over jumping in fear over the sight of it sitting on my desk and that he did that was so unlike him that I love him all the more for it.

He also got himself some fudge. My brother got me some roasted nuts that had smelled so good while we were looking around all day.
Jake loooooooooooooooooooooves fudge. He loves me more, but just barely.
This is adorable Jr. He picked a hat out so he looked like Woody from Toy Story, his ultimate favorite movie, and my brother than got him a gun. Because Jr needed to defend himself against S1 and S3 (or my brother needed to battle with them). They are just plain fun. Because they are loud. Really loud. And with all three of them going off, not a one of us wondered where our room was. We could just hear it.
The hotel was nice. The sheets were soft, the blankets were warm (they had a price list in the bathroom and all weekend Jake and I would tease "These sheets are soooo nice." "Are they 75 dollars nice?" Or, "I think they mighta overpriced this 15 dollar alarm clock, I think I can get one at Family Dollar for five dollars.")

We ordred pizza at the recommendation of the girl working the evening shift at the hotel. I for one could probably live on pizza and I will have happy dreams of River's Edge Pizza for a very very very long time.

The Holiday Inn Express had a tiny pool (but will soon have a water park) that the boys took full advantage of and Hubs had great fun playing chicken with the boys and tossing them in the air and all sorts of pool fun. Jr cheered when he was in the pool and cried when he left. The boys looked like prunes at the end of both nights.

It was just good to lay around being lazy and talking and catching up with my brother and sister in law and hearing Jr urge us to "come on!" so he could climb steps and see what cool things we had hidden upstairs in the hotel (nothing).

A truly perfect weekend.

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