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Saturday, February 5, 2011

the Blizzard in Photos, Part One

For whatever reason,
my photos would not load properly.
So please deal with me as I publish six posts at once.
So you get all the photos.
I will publish them numbered.
Sorry :(
On February 1st, they forcasted a full out blizzard for us. That doesn't happen around here too often. We had snow the day before and Hubs had been out plowing that one. He had watched the forcast and predicted it would for sure hit us.

I loaded up like a pioneer. Flour, sugar, milk, eggs, hamburger helper (the boys love it) and enough creamer for my coffee to last me a week.

There was a peanut butter twix bar hidden away in case of emergency as well.
Because my husband plows snow and all his lots are a good half hour away, he finished the little snow bit we got, came home to sleep....and couldn't. We both had a bad feeling about this storm. So after a super early dinner, he got in his truck, and he headed off to him Mom's to sleep. The snow was just beginning.

I packed my hubby a bag full of love - candy, apples, water, bananas, tums, coffee mix....) I knew we wouldn't be seeing him for a good long time.

The wind blew feriousciously. Everyone's biggest fear was that the electricity would go out. I kept texting my friend next door and keeping in contact with Sue, who follows weather even more than Jake and I do. The wind blew so hard it blew in our doors, it blew in our windows...but our electric stayed on.
We even got thunder snow, where it thunder and lightenings. That hit in the middle of the night and the boys never heard a bit of it, they just kept on sleeping through it all. And since our school has yet to have a snow day, they were good boys and did their homework. And went to bed early. That part I loved to see!

When we woke up, this is the snow we seen at the kitchen door....
S4 wanted to know when hotness would return. He was not in love with the snow. At all. He informed me his feet were cold and he wanted to be "foot naked" (barefoot) in the grass.
Don't we all?
But the boys were impressed just the same!


Boy Crazy said...

Wow! That's SOME snow! A little jealous actually.........though maybe I don't want THAT much of it.....

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Tell Abe that I want the hotness to return, too. I'm sad right along with him.

And thunder snow? I have never, ever heard of that.

Have you ever heard of heat lightening?