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Friday, October 14, 2011

A Basketball Story

The Basketball Story by S4

I was at preschool and I made a hoop in a big hoop.  And then everybody runned up to me and wanted me to make another hoop in the other hoop. But I didn't make any.

School this year...

I made another hoop in kindergarten.  And I was really e-s-sited.  And then nobody wanted me to make a hoop for them.  All of this was at gym class.

I like pretty much nothing at school but gym and recess.

Moma's Note:

S4 has been having a hard time adjusting to school this year.  This all day every day thing is getting a very  tiring for him.  When you think he has had Moma to himself for three years now it makes sense he would be struggling to adjust.

He has a great teacher who seems to think a lot of our little guy.  It's odd to have a teacher who hasn't been introduced to our boys before.  We are sorta rememberable.

Oh as S4 would say, "You can't first-a-get us."

When S4 gets out of school, he does NOT quit talking.  At.  All.  I know who got in trouble and who didn't and who said what and what page he did and if Mrs. J was happy or if she had to be a mean teacher face to someone.  

I sometimes wonder what he tells everyone at school about US since he seems so willing to spill his guts on all the school goings on.

And he still the comedian he always has been.

When he got out of school Friday last week we weren't pulled out of the parking lot when he declared loudly, "I kept allllll my farts in me today! I would feel one coming and I would just squeeze it back in. Not one fart all day. It was NOT relaxing."

Yup, school sure is hard on the boy.


Ginger said...

Many, MANY years ago my oldest was in kindergarten and told her teacher that if she ate her bread crust her boobs would grow.

The teacher kindly shared with me one day and smiles as she reassured she only believed half of what her students told her. She also reminded me to believe only half of what my daughter decided to share at home about school ;-)

Oh how I wondered often what stories were being shared about the Behrens bunch, a bit scary to me.

Thankfully we survived that first year of school and have some pretty fantastic memories to look back on.

I promise you, that "fart" part will be a memory worth laughing over for years to come.

Yup, he's a keeper for sure!

Jessica said...

Visiting from Time-Warp wife.... quite hilarious from the post to the comments. Thank you for the good laugh today! Looking forward to when the kids tell on me. Or maybe not, or maybe it's inevitable!:) Have a great day!

The Farmer's Wife said...

Yeah. Keeping those farts in can really take it out of a person....

Anonymous said...

I love that he tells you everything that happens! He loves you and wants to tell you ALL about his day :)

I always tell my kids to not keep them in...they might explode hehe