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Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Lions Football

Before S2 played football this year, we idly watched a game every now and then.

It's not like we had much to watch for.

Until this year.

Any football game can get their attention.  But nothing quite gets them all involved in the game like the Lions.

Suddenly the Lions are amazing and suddenly every boy in my family is fully engaged in the game.

Our house is small, an old farmhouse they just added a new wing on every now and again, leaving the original door frame as the entryway from room to room.  It's small.  It's tight.  

And on Sunday afternoon this week, we had THREE tv's going with the SAME game on.

So now I have to share this terrible secret with you....

Brace yourself.

We have a tv in our bathroom.

We DO!

My husband went on and on and on and on about how great a tv in the bathroom would be and I just put kept putting my foot down saying "NO WAY!".  But then one day I thought I would surprise him because he was so sure he onto a brilliant idea and then he would realize how insane it was and we could be done with the whole tv in the bathroom thing.

Except that he looooooooves the tv in the bathroom.

And...I have to admit, I even turn it on every morning as I get into the shower to listen to the news as I shower.

I am sure you can imagine just how much Hubby rubs THAT in.

Anyway, back to Sunday.

On Sunday the tv in the kitchen (which has the volume going out in it) and the tv in the living room (which is some ancient monster of a thing that is so blurry you literally have to check the score on another tv to see it) are ALWAYS on.

But the tv in the bathroom? It's not connected to the cable network and so it has a few seconds over the other tv's.

And the tv in the kitchen is slightly behind the tv in the living room.

So on Sunday when the Lions make some amazing catch or incredible run or amazing touchdown...

Husband is standing in the bathroom watching it.  S2 is always in the kitchen watching on the little tv (you can see the score then) and the rest of the boys are in the living room.  Husband will begin cheering some wild insane cheer at some "need to see that again" play.

The boys, knowing he seen it before them, run for the bathroom.

At the same moment, the Hubby is running from the bathroom to the living room to see the replay 'live'.

Then, because he needs to see the score and the boys have seen a replay, they all cram into the tiny kitchen to see it again.

Every run means my husband, S1 who is nearly as tall as me and three more boys are trying to barrel their ways through the small doorways all at the same time.

My house on Sunday afternoon is....INSANE.

I try to stay completely out of the way...which is pretty much impossible.  Even more so now that S3 and S4 play football with Beanie Babies while the game is on (the real football got banned from the house...much to the dismay of the boys.)

Beware of our house on game day.  You have all been warned.

On a side note:
S2 lost his last football game.
UofM lost their game (but I told S2 to cheer for MSU the BEST team, he didn't believe me.
He does now.
AND the Lions lost in the last two minutes.
S2 cried and cried and cried.
He says it was a terrible weekend.
Football boy he is now.


The Farmer's Wife said...

It's good to have so much passion for football that you cry. I cry regularly...nearly every victory OR defeat! Football IS insane!!! That's why it's so stinkin' fun.

Did you know you can get it on your phone, too? Tell the boys that...then you'll have three t.v.s, two phones and the radios all going. It'll be a beautiful thing.


Anonymous said...

You should hear my house! I'm telling you, crazy too!!

I love that they are passionate about the sport...but tears...really...

Our local sports guy keeps calling it the "Year of the Cat" so they need to pull it out! If my Vikes can't do it, I hope the Lions do!