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Monday, October 31, 2011

Redneck Girl

My husband can always claim he married a Redneck Girl...

For whatever cursed reason, I have a serious red neck.

Yes, I said Cursed.

If I feel stress, if I feel pain, if I laugh and am silly, if I eat anything spicier than ketchup - YES, ketchup - I get red and blotchy and it looks like I am about to break into hives.

Today I was sitting in my own house, at my own table, talking to a friend.

Except I had a video camera on me.

And I was thinking I was fine and suddenly....caught a glimpse of myself.

Red. Blotchy.


Soon, like on November 17th, the whole of West Michigan will get to view this great phenomenon because we will be on the news for a fun story that I can't wait to fill you in on...

We were on a Digital Detox allllllllllll weekend.

And survived.

But when you watch the interview with me, you will see what a red neck girl I am.

I thought you all should be warned.

Our Story Airs on Fox 17's 10 pm News on Tuesday, November 15th. 

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