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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Praise And Coffee Magazine Is Here!

Isn't it lovely????

I love it so.

Sue did a phenomenal job on this magazine.  You just read how busy I have been since school behind the scenes work on this one is pretty minimal...but next issue....oh wow.  We have already started working on it.

But that doesn't diminish this issue.

I love it.

On page 60 you can find me.  But you all know me by now so let me highlight some features in this issue....

You'll get to meet Sue's husband.  And he is a brilliant wonderful man...seriously.

And from Sue you'll hear a beginning story of Praise and Coffee.

You will meet Sarah who has given you a great gift in this magazine...the gift of food.

This apple cobbler I made last year because Ginger (another blogging friend) was raving over it.  My family devours it.

You will all love Sarah.  Her pictures are wonderful.  Her recipe is delicious.  Her husband and mine share the same first name.  She has four boys as well.

You. Will. Love. Her.

AND, she is going to be a regular in the magazine. Squeal!

Big Mama enters the scene as our returning regular.  You must be very very very brave to read her article.  She gives us boots to drool over.  I have a weakness for boots so this article I have to skim over so I don't begin drooling.  It is such a good collection of boots.

(Her last Friday fashion post made me wish she would just fly here and take me shopping.)

Also, you need to check out the news she just broke - she is writing a BOOK !  Thrilled for her!

You'll hear from Kristine ( a former witch - who will be at our local Praise and Coffee this month, days before Halloween ) about her research on Halloween.

You will read Cindy's story.  I have met Cindy - she spoke at our last Praise and Coffee get together - and loved her to pieces.  Her story will make you cry, so be sure to grab some kleenex when you settle in for the gripping read.  Yes, gripping.  And know that she is one of the sweetest people I have met and I can NOT wait for us to be getting together in the near future.  She is a real treasure, and she definitely sparkles.

I just heard of Lisa with her article here in the magazine.  Her book is now on my "must read" list.

It's a great magazine, and I am so proud of Sue and all our writers on this one.  I am sooooooo thrilled to be a part of this great group of ladies.

It's pretty cold here tonight, a perfect night for you to cuddle into a cup of coffee and loose yourself in our magazine.  I can't wait to hear what you all think of it.


Ronel said...

I just started reading today and I am excited to devour it ;) Can't wait to meet you this week!!!

Cindy Bultema said...

You are so sweet, Denise. Thanks for your very kind words! :) Hope to see you later this month!
Blessings to you
Cindy :)