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Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Day With S4

On Wednesday, my friend An drove the 45 minute to an hour drive to our house.

She had a chicken with her.  Vulture the hen is her favorite, a pet, one not to be sent to the pot.  But that's where her other chickens were headed so she smuggled Vulture out and drove her down to our house to live out her days here on our little farm.

She pulled her youngest out of preschool and I pulled S4 out of kindergarten and the boys got out the train tracks, watching Chuggington, played for a few hours in the sandbox and then we drove to town to eat lunch at the Cheeseburger Shop (as S4 calls it) and coffee with chocolate at a local gem of a shop in town.

It was a great day.

When An and her son - all hyped up on chocolate now - headed home, S4 and I had the day to ourselves.

S4 has been having a hard time not having a day home to himself since school started.  He was skipping happy to have the rest of the day to play.

We wandered the library of that town.  It has a train track in it, S4's favorite.  I had fun looking up new books for my library.

We drove home where S4 wanted me to play geo trax with him.....

And he needed a lot of pictures of his favorite toy.  He asked me if I would play trains with him.
We built a bigger track and each had a train that we drove up and down the tracks.

Then S4 wanted a picture with me.
And when you get a picture with S4, he thinks he needs to take over the picture taking soooooooo.....

Here is our biggest walnut tree.
The suburban....
Our dog.  There were about ten pictures of her being caught scratching.  I spared you those.
S4's thumb and Hubby's buicks....not that I am bitter about them or anything hanging out in front of the silo and my flower garden.
The plate in front of the suburban.  In fact, S4 calls it the John Deere bus when he's a pick up at school.
The old milk shed used for toy storage, the sand box, the walnut trees and S1's shop in the back.
I had to leave him alone to make some cookies for his brothers headed home and he gave me a huge hug.  "Thank you for spending the whole day with me, Moma."

Um, yah, my heart melted at that.

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Anonymous said...

Such a wonderful day!! I am so glad you two got to spend such a great day together!