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Monday, October 31, 2011

Could You Digital Detox?

A few weeks ago, I got a tweet asking if someone could give me a call.  She had a "story idea".

So, Sarah gave me a ring and I signed us up for her crazy idea.

A weekend of a Digital Detox.

You all might remember Sarah - and Mike, Jon, Rob, Emily, Mike Davis and the gang - from Fox 17 and the fun we had when I was Morning Mom.  I think you all know how much I love them all so it was a pretty easy decision to do a story with them.

I mean, really, how bad could a weekend digital detox be?

No TV, no tv being DVR'd, no radio, no pandora, no itunes, no computer, no cell phones, no facebook, no twitter, no blogging, no texting....






We went between this "it'll be great fun!" to "oh my goodness....what have I done?"

We would be flip cam-ing the whole weekend for the story.  It would document all we did.

The boys thought this was great...until they thought that the fridge and stove were being shut off and how on earth would they eat?  (Notice no thought was given to bathing.)  Once they realized the fridge and stove were safe, they were all about this experiment.

And we didn't think that the boys would have a hard time.  For them to give up tv would be rough on them...but they play outside all the time.  It would be tougher on Jake and I.

Huh, were we in for a rude awakening.

An awakening I am glad we had...but awakening just the same.

You all should know me pretty well by now...I kept a journal for the weekend.  I have twelve - Yes, TWELVE - pages of notes on this weekend.

Ready to take a Digital Detox weekend with us?

Our Story Airs on Fox 17's 10 pm News on Tuesday,  November 15th. 

You can view the story HERE

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