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Friday, October 14, 2011

Excuses to Be Late To School

Here's a new excuse for you all to try...if you dare.

The other morning, I woke the boys up 15 minutes early on accident.

Okay, honestly, it was because I needed a good hot shower to wake me up and I knew the boys were gonna have to be moving before I got out of the shower so I got them out of bed early.

And....we were on time to school.

We did lose a back pack and forgot a lunch in the process BUT we were ON TIME for school.

This morning I woke the boys up HALF AN HOUR early.  I mean, why not?

I still had to keep an eye on them because they all seemed a bit more crazy this morning. (This should have been my warning sign.)  And it was confirmed when I went walked out of the bathroom and three of them were gone.

S4 informed they were outside.

Don't think him angelic, he was holding one sock, tears trickling down his cheeks as he looked for just one sock to match it from the mountainous pile of socks.  Had he found it, he would have been outside.

Lunches were half made.  Literally, two pieces of bread and a container of jam and nothing else done.  The table was covered in cereal bowls, boxes of cereal and an open gallon of milk.

I ran around the house frantically getting things done when the troupe walked in.

I was not a nice mom.

"We have to LEAVE!" I hollered in my "you are in so much trouble" voice.

"Where?" S1 asked.

Now......I did not scream.  I was so shocked he would ask me this I just went silent.  Then I barked. "School! Like we do FIVE DAYS A WEEK!"

Then everyone moved toward the suburban...except for S3 who was wandering around outside with no socks or shoes on, shirt half on, no lunch made, no back pack in site and we still needed to locate his glasses.

We piled into the suburban.  Late.

"What," I finally asked, "Was so important you had to be outside?"

"We weren't sure if the chickens remembered how to get into the chicken coop so we thought we would round them up and show them how to get in there."


That was the excuse.

It was kinda hard to be mad at them for that.

BUT there will be a new rule tomorrow...No Rounding Up Chickens Until You are Totally Ready for School.

And, no, I have no idea what spurred this on.

Sending out this yee-ha excuse for you to borrow from over here....where I'll be recovering from the chicken round up all day.


joannabannadingdong said...

In high school I was late a couple times because my horse would get out... So me and my mom would find her, and get her to go back inside the fence, and then repair the broken spot where she escaped...

The Farmer's Wife said...

Chickens are notoriously stupid....they were probably right!

Anonymous said...

Um...I think that might be the best excuse yet. Round up the chickens...