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Monday, October 24, 2011

An Uncoffee-ed Romance

Did the title make you think of Billie Holiday?  Cuz it reminded me of A Fine Romance.

My husband has made the choice to give up coffee....those of you who know him are now attempting to grasp that thought....

Because he really wanted to follow through with this, he went cold turkey immediately.  And the Bunn coffee maker we love so much seemed to be sitting there on the counter mocking him.  So I packed it up and put it far away for him.

And now I'm bereft it what to do to show him I love him.

Because making coffee for my husband is equal to me telling him I love him.

When he gets home from work, I usually have his coffee cup all poured and waiting for him.  I greet him with a kiss and coffee.

When he comes in from a long afternoon cutting wood, I hear the big ol' dodge pulling in and instantly start the pot for him.

When he gets up in the morning, he finds his to go cup filled with his mocha mix.

If he has to go away for awhile (work, plowing, etc), it's coffee and a kiss I send him off with.

And now he comes homes and I just have the kiss - which I know he appreciates - but it's not a warm gift I can hand over to him to say "Hey, I was thinking of you all day."

I shared this information with him last night.  "How do you know I love you if I don't bring you coffee?" I asked him "I wander around trying to figure out what to do for you!"

But because he's not drinking coffee and his brain cells haven't recovered from that shock yet (the man drank a pot EVERY MORNING and at least half a pot at night), he had no brilliant ideas for me.

So here we are, in this Uncoffee-ed Romance.

To be supportive of him, I drank NO COFFEE this whole weekend.  Not once did I heat up the tea kettle for my french press.  I was so worried he'd smell the intoxicating aroma when he walked in from cutting wood or would taste it on my kiss.  But, because I love my coffee so, as soon as he walked out the door this morning, I fired that tea kettle up and I may have moaned a happy moan as I drank my warm goodness down.

But because I don't want to go through those coffee withdrawals like I did this weekend, I plan to cut back a bit on my consumption as well.

Because I love him so.

Even if I can't give him coffee to tell him that.

Anyone have any ideas for me?

To be fair...he hopes that when he gets over the caffeine withdrawals he does plan to enjoy a cup of coffee on occasion...perhaps one cup in the morning and on special occasions.  And I am making him an enormous amount of hot cocoa right now....but it just doesn't seem the same.


Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

That's craziness!! I start and you guys stop. Why is he quitting coffee?

The Farmer's Wife said...

Coffee has so many health benefits, according to medical research, with more being disclosed every day, that this seems sort of irresponsible of Jason Harold. I mean, really....doesn't he want to live longer?

Speaking of which...someone's gonna die, in this completely derranged, downright WRONG scenario you two have going!!!!!! And I say that as lovingly as I can...

Listen, and listen good:
(Both of you)

For the love of your family, friends and everyone in the tri-state area...rethink this!

Morgan said...

Twix bars? Special Hot Cocoa? Wood you've cut yourself?

He did seem to want mine the other day at church... but what would I do with a whole sermon with snacks??