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Monday, October 10, 2011

Night Frogs

We went upstairs for bed and we saw a tree frog.  But Eli (S3) says he found him first.  So we brung it downstairs and showed it to Moma.

The frogs were on the kitchen iron roof.  They are always there.  So we do teamwork.  Abraham (S4) opens the window and Eli (S3) leans out over the roof and grabs frogs.

That's what we do.

We show them to Moma, and Moma is always happy, and then we let them go in the cement front porch.

Then we go to bed.

Moma's note:

I did not know they did teamwork and grabbed the frogs out the window.  I've been trying to figure this out because every night I send them up to bed and tell them ONLY emergencies should bring them downstairs.

Apparently frogs are emergencies.

They tell me the frogs are always just there in their bedroom.  And today the true story came out.

Sheesh, these boys of mine.


fritzfacts said...

Sneaky least they came clean!

Ronel said...

This is so funny!!!

Ginger said...

Confessions of the cutest kids on the block :D

I was telling a coworker about your sons "not relaxing" day at school the other day and she commented that you had better be writing this stuff down. So glad you are!!!!