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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bunny out in the Wild

So we were going to the library but we stopped at the Visser's
And bunny was only for five bucks, easy peasy.
Then we went to the library.
Then I let him out to play for a little bit at the library.
Then he found his way out of the box.
But we finally found him again.

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Moma's Note:

S3 was sure he wanted to talk about Bunny.  S4 agreed this would be a great idea.
"Call it Bunny out in the WILD," S4 told S3. "You can tell how Bunny survived in the wild outside!"

Because that happened.

We lost Bunny for a week.

It. Was. Awful.

S1 ended up setting up a live trap with carrots and nearly a week later
we caught Bunny.
There was much rejoicing and tears of joy then.
Since then, Bunny hasn't been the same bunny.

He's a bit of a wild one.
Where Whiskers Gray Dykstra lays around and can be played with in any sort of game (dump truck driver, farmer, hunter, the hunted...), Bunny gets a bit testy.

But we still love Bunny.

And our Library is not wild.

This was S4's title for S3 to tell the Bunny in the grass story.
But S3 loved the title so much, he kept it.

Whatcha gonna do?  The boys took over the blog!

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Those boys crack me up!