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Saturday, March 6, 2010

For All You Moma's of Little Bitty Babies.......

I was mixing up goulash today. The sun was shining thru the windows and my husband was sitting in the totally-couldn't-live-without-it-best-five-dollar-garage-sale-find-cheery-yellow-chair chatting with me as Jr clung to my leg.

If some of you have just joined in here, Jr is my nine month old nephew. And he is truly the cutest nephew in the whole world. Truly. As I felt his little chubby fists grabbing my jeaned pant legs and my knee length sweater I had on I had a quick “take me back in time” memory that I shared with hubby.

I am pretty sure it was S3 who was a bitty baby, but really, it could have been S4. They kinda blur together at times (and for all of you who think that would never happen to you, I was SURE it would never happen to me, blurred memories of my precious little ones days). I was making cream of asparagus soup. It takes a lot of time and it involves a lot of continual stirring to get it to not burn, not clump and get the right creamy consistency. I had waited until my little guy was sleeping soundly before I began. But he didn't nap very long. At all. And even though I was holding him, he was not to be soothed and was just screaming in my ear.

So, standing there mixing up soup, I started nursing him. Imagine the sight, sun pouring in the windows, cluttered dishes (this was before a dishwasher, the best gift ever) all over the counter, soup steaming on the stove, me leaning against the stove to stir with my right hand while my left arm was holding my baby boy as far away from the stove as I could and still nurse him. And I recall the boys coming in to ask for a drink or a snack or to tattle oblivious to the fact I had run out of arms and energy to deal with them.

It was there, standing there, that I wondered how I would ever survive.

But I did.

It wasn't easy. Remember, I said it was all a blur, but to all of you out there in that position, you are a wonderful moma and, honey, you will make it through. It'll be a blur, this eternity you are now in, but it will pass.

And you will look back with some fondness.

And be extra thankful for a nice long through the whole night sleep.

Hang in there.

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