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Friday, March 12, 2010

Muddy School Mornings

Yesterday Hubby got new work shirts. Because no one at work is really a size small, he got a few extra. Today, everyone in the family is sporting this bright tshirt.

Think they will notice our boys at school today?

They did.

But after this photo (do you see Sadie's back?), the boys went back to playing. You see, even though its a school morning and it rained last night and Sadie moved all our shoes, everyone got ready about half an hour early for school today. When this photo was taken, S3 already had mud caked on his jeans.

After this photo, S3 ran around the house and accidentally came upon the flock of chickens that Josie the dog was chasing and Josie, not to be deterred, ran into S3, he flew thru the air and landed right in the middle of a mud pile.


He was covered in mud from his hair to his toes. So he had to quickly shower, change, and we STILL had an extra shirt for him so he could match his brothers.

When we got to school, I noticed that S2 had a paw print right in the middle of his butt, S3 had ridden his bike in the last remaining seconds before loading up in the suburban and had mud splashes up his back.

But I tell you what, I think they are the still the brightest cheeriest boys at school today.

I love this spring weather!

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