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Friday, March 5, 2010

MissMatch Day

This month is reading month at our boys school. Every day is a new “action” day, something funny for them to do. Wednesday was miss match day. The boys had the creative idea (from a teacher, their moma does not have the creative costume gene, especially first thing in the morning when I am drinking my first cup of coffee) to wear two different type of shoes.

S4 sat on the floor, in front of the heater vent, soaking all the heat he could into his body so he was the perfect height to watch his brothers walk by. He seen the boys walk by with two different shoes and decided to let his normally got it together brothers of their mistake.

“We KNOW, it's the way its supposed to be,” was the response he got.

I wanted to see how S4 would handle this.

I am pretty sure S4 thought that aliens had taken over his brothers brains.

He would look at the shoes, see the other matched shoes on the floor, study the shoes, study his brothers...and then follow them around to let them know that really, they had the wrong two shoes on.

In exasperation, he threw up his arms about them. When we got to school and seen all the crazily dressed teachers and students, his eyes were very wide but he never said a word. As we left he held my hand and said “Moma, lets just go home.”

He was very relieved when his brothers returned home from school at the end of the day, put on matching boots, and ran outside to play with him.

Life had returned to normal for my orderly little boy.

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Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

That is SO Michael... He refuses to participate in pajama day ("Why would you wear your PJ'S to school, Mom?"), mismatch day, or any other "crazy" day... It's just not in his blood.