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Friday, March 19, 2010

Morning Mishapes

As most of you know, I watch my now ten month old nephew on Thursday and Friday's. He is sooo super cute. Adorable. To watch Jr, I get up at four in the morning and watch him till some time after lunch. He is a huge joy in our family for the few hours we get him.

Today, the alarm was going off when Husband bolted straight up in bed. “Quick, get up! The alarm is going off!”

We had overslept by all of about five whole minutes.

But the way we woke up left me disorintated as I stumbled for the bathroom. It was worse as S2 came tumbling down the steps to ask me if he could do his reading homework with me right then. At 4 am? He had gone to bed early the night before and hadn't gotten it done and obviously it was heavy on his mind...still.

I sent him to back to bed. He had FOUR hours before school began!

Sadie was ecstatic for the company after hours of being left alone at night. She was circling me and wagging her tail excitadely. I have found her tail to be quite the weapon.

My SIL showed up and Jr was sound asleep so I chatted with her, made hubby's lunch, got his coffee ready to go for him, picked up a bit of the kitchen and seen I could easily go back to sleep for about 45 minutes.

I take any extra sleep I can get.

So, I snuggled down into bed. Where the alarms went off for hubby to get up for his day at work. But since I had crashed in bed the night before way before hubby had come to bed (I mean, he and S1 HAD to watch the Red Green Show before they could go to bed) we had a bit of catching up to do, I was headed to lunch, he was working with some new people, you know, daily chit chat we usually do over coffee at night, when I am not so soundly sleeping that when he tickles my feet I don't move (and do you think that is all that sweet to do to your precious wife? Tickle her feet as she soundly sleeps? Good thing I was so soundly sleeping.....)

Hubby took Sadie for a quick walk and when he brought her in, she leapt for joy upon me, kissing my face and letting me know she was indeed in and she was indeed happy to start a new day and she fell between the mattress and the wall where she was stuck. I laughed as I helped her out and thought about just getting up at this point, being all awake now after my wake up 'kisses'.
At which point S2 came down the stpes again to do his reading homework, again. So, I stayed in bed to hear him read and being the wonderful, caring moma that I am, I fell asleep. His story dealt with Miss Spider and one of the words he didn't know was 'dung'. And I recall wondering why 'dung' would be in such a kids story....but I must have thought bed was warm and cozy and I fell sound asleep.

Sound asleep.

To be awoken at 7:05, to the sound of four boys coming down the steps to get cereal.

How does this happen to me?

How do I manage to have a full day BEFORE seven in the morning?

At least this morning I had coffee in the house. And I made it super strong as I flew around making sure we were all indeed in the suburban before we left. And we did, indeed, make it to school on time before the bell rang and with no tears.....THAT is an accomplishment!

And this, folks, is just a few hours of my the morning, the time when I need the most quiet and darkness and caffine to slowly wake up. Welcome to my wonderful life!

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Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Girl, I'm tired just reading that.