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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mr. Goose Updates

Some of you will recall the passing of Miss Goosey. Some of you laughed, some of you felt my sadness, but it has been a few months without Miss Goosey now and I thought you might all by curious to know how Mr. Goose is doing.

Honestly, I didn't think he was going to make it. I thought he would die of a broken heart. He spent well over a month walking bemoaning between the spot Miss Goosey died and the lean to they had shared. My super loud annoying goose hardly made an utterance. And he spent a long time just making 'coo' sounds. It nearly broke my heart.

Sometime in January, he must have made a new years resolution to venture out and he wandered, quietly, toward the bird feeder, the common meeting place of all my chicken flock.
I was so excited to see him venture out I tossed him some leftovers out the window.

Soon he was out and about every day. He wandered to the bird feeder, checked the chicken scraps bucket and then looked by the kitchen window where I had tossed the little morsel. I didn't really need the already slippery, snowy deck covered in constant goose poo so I tossed a few morsels more out the window again to him and it became a comment occurrence. See the goose, toss the food. I began to watch for vehicles passing our house. I didn't need them thinking I was a true hillbilly tossing food out my window.

For a goose.

Well, Mr Goose realized he is basically a Goliath amongst the chickies so he formed himself a little flock. He chases and honks and bites all other chickens who come anywhere near his little flock. Because his flock seemed to think they were too good for the chicken coop, they moved into my hubby's shed.

Now, when I tossed out scraps Mr. Goose, the gang of chickies got in on the good food too. Which meant less for Mr. Goose.

But he is a smart goose, so he began to show up at the dining room window when we were eating. If we ignore him, he taps the window and honks like crazy.

He can honk really really loud.

To show his appreciation for all this nicety I have shown him, he patrols the yard for me. He marches around the house all night, honking to let he know all is well. Usually around two he does a sweep, and since he knows we are sleeping he makes sure to honk REALLY loud right outside the bedroom window closest to my hubby.

He sleeps dozes under the bedroom window closest to me. I think he snores now in his old age.
And my chickies have become insistent too. Now if they so much as me walk thru the kitchen, the gang of chickens run full throttle to the window to wait for the scraps to be tossed out. I didn't give them any yesterday. They, and I am NOT making this up, started pecking the siding in protest!

They, however, do not show any gratitude in the form of eggs. I am still buying eggs from the store.

And so, now you are up to date on the Mr. Goose saga.


Karen said...

Thanks for the chuckle! I especially enjoyed your comment about waiting until there are no cars driving past to throw scraps from the window so you don't appear too hillbilly. :)

ValAnn said...

Too funny! I love it, and all country stories that make us who we are - even if I don't live on a farm anymore!