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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Time Change Woes

I really thought that by the second day of time change I would be doing good with it.

I'm not.

But really, I have had THREE days to get adjusted to it all. I set all the clocks ahead on Saturday just to get ready for the change.

A one little ol hour change.

But an hour changes everything. Everything.

Sunday we ran late ALL DAY LONG. New Sunday school that we HAVE to be there on time for, late. Sunday night returning to church with two extra cute little boys, late.

I had higher hopes for Monday.

Monday I woke up on time, hooray, rolled over to turn off the alarm and suddenly it was 7:05. We have to leave the house at 7:40. The boys weren't in moving motion at all, because it was DARK. And they are now very used to running around in the yard getting super muddy so all the teachers think I never do laundry and don't actually look at my boys before they leave for school. I DO look at my boys, as they head out the door to play they look great. They just happen to find every mud puddle between the house and the suburban and the school door.

Anyhow, Monday we were sooooo late.

I was rushing around, and I am someone who needs an hour of silent, quiet, darkness to fully awaken as I sip my coffee slowly. I went to make coffee and something I cannot recall happening happened, we were completely and totally out of coffee.

I stared hard at the little bit of grinds as though they should be ashamed of letting me down on a day I needed them to come thru for me.

It was then I recalled the super awesome always wanted one and now I do French Press I just purchased that would make JUST ENOUGH to fill my travel mug.

But I didn't even have enough time to heat water, pour, strain, pour into cup.

That's just sad.

We went to school and S4 bemoaned the whole ordeal. Dressed in brilliant white Lightening McQueen jammies, he bemoaned the fact it was dark out still. That he hadn't had breakfast yet. That his guys were leaving him for the day. He refused to do much other than whine, cry and hang his head dejectedly.

I stopped at the store on the way home and got THREE cans of coffee, one normal size and TWO emergency little cans.

And then I promptly fell asleep on the couch to try to regain the hour of sleep I had lost that suddenly felt like a whole nights worth of sleep I had missed. Except S4 was watching Sesame Street. Do you know how annoying Sesame Street songs are?

They are.

I have higher hopes for the week. It has to get better.......

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Karen said...

Denise, the time change is starting to catch up with me too! It's now Thursday & my inner clock is rebelling against the new time.