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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why I Haven't Blogged Lately

I just haven't found time.

And I hear my husband groan, “you were on facebook today”. I need to talk to adults every once in awhile and facebook sometimes just gets you by.

All this week I have been watching adorable Jr and I have been watching another little boy MC too. S2 is sick. Sadie is feeling at home, tearing the place apart and melting my heart all at the same time. Hubby has been working in eight pm. I get up at four am. We don't really see each other much. Right now I should be folding laundry. Getting dinner ready because I have to make something other than hot dogs, mac and cheese, sloppy joes, etc for dinner at some point this week.

I love watching Jr. (He got his first tooth yesterday) I love watching MC. I am thankful to be home. But this morning I was literally thinking I would need to tape my eyelashes to my fore head to keep my eyes open.

This is how the morning goes......

3:45, wake up.
Make hot cocoa.
Drink water.
Say hello to sister in law.
Peek to see Jr is still asleep.
Lay out hubby's clothes.
Make hubby's lunch.
Run dishwasher.
See Jr is still sleeping peacefully so I go back to bed.
Alarm goes off.
Hubby wakes up.
Light goes on and off at least four times.
Wake up at 6.
Shower. Blissful silence.
Make coffee. Wonderful concoction!
Wake boys.
Sadie jumps with glee.
Boys head to kitchen looking for food.
I make insta oatmeal.
Boys call me in to show me how much they just peed.
S3 asks me to turn heat on so he can cuddle next to heater vent.
Notice Sadie ate the vacuum cord.
S4 asks if he can go to school 'jammie naked' (this means wear his jammies instead of clothes)
Write note to teacher to ask for S2's homework.
Realize we have ten minutes to before we have to leave.
Ask S1 to walk Sadie. He does. Then he plays basketball.
S4 freaks, he has no shoes. At all. They are all gone. All ten pairs of shoes, boots, barn boots, summer shoes. Gone.
S3 is still cuddled next to heat vent. He suddenly remembered he needs to dress like his favorite character in a book today.
Jr. wakes up. He's hungry.
MC arrives, with a house for giggly, his favorite stuffed animal. MUST NOT LET SADIE EAT HOUSE OR GIGGLY.
Dress S3 in character and take picture.
Tell everyone we are now late, MOVE.
S2 wakes up.
Grab coffee and phone, put in suburban.
S4 is screaming. NO SHOES.
I tell S4 to go barefoot.
S4 hangs head and cries crocodile tears for his sure to freeze feet.
Load up Jr.
Make and sorta little bit heat up a bottle.
See S2 standing in the middle of the driveway, sobbing.
Find out S2 let Sadie out.
Sadie is chasing every chicken we own.
S1 drops basketball to run after Sadie.
S2 is still crying.
S3 is buckled.
Run into house. S4 is still searching for shoes. Every shoe we own in on the porch. He never looked on the porch.
See S1 and S3's lunches on table, grab them and bottle for Jr.
Sit in drivers seat.
S2 stands in door of vehicle. He doesn't know where to sit. He always always sits in the exact same spot. Always.
Drive to school.
Arrive to school 1.5 minutes before the bell rings.
Drop kids off to classes.
Take four boys back home.
Drink more coffee.

I need time to recuperate from all this before I can blog!

Just writing this blog, S4 and MC were hungry. S2 needed water. Cold water with ice cubes in his deer cup. S4 and MC decided they didn't' need food, they needed to go outside. S4 cant find clothes. S4 can't find a coat. MC decides not to wait for him. S2 asks to watch a movie. MC lets Sadie out. Sadie chases all the chickens. Chickens can fly high. Catch Sadie after being run into by her and running around the whole yard, a few times. S4 finds a coat (on the porch) and goes outside. MC comes in to go potty. S2 decides on a movie and wants me to put it on for him. MC calls me to wipe his butt. Wipe MC's butt to see he did try to wipe his butt and he flushes the toilet, clogging it. S4 comes in to see what is taking so long. Boys decide to watch movie with S2. Sadie is barking like crazy from the tie out chain she is on.

Any blog post I can write is just plain amazing, that's all there is to it.


Karen said...

I've been wondering where you were! I've missed reading your daily posts. Hey, your days sound a lot like my days (minus the getting up at 4 a.m. part). Thanks for giving me a good chuckle today.

ValAnn said...

Thanks for the laugh!! And I thought my days were crazy... One of these days you'll find yourself in a *quiet* house, the kids will ALL be at school, and you'll be so stunned with the silence that you won't know WHAT to blog about... at least that's my problem!!