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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our Puppy Has a Name !!!!!

Husband said that naming a child was easier than naming this puppy of ours. I think it seemed that way because I did not think we needed another dog (the dog we have drives me crazy, anyone who knows me thinks I dislike all dogs, which is completely not true. I just dislike OUR dog.) and had not even begun to entertain the idea of a dogs name.

At all.

And then seeing how loveable this dog was, it was even harder to come up with a name. It had to be special.

The friend of my husbands who found and rescued these dogs in the first place has high hopes and a special place in his heart for her. He thinks she deserved the name Princess.

S1 claims there is no way at all that he would be ever heard calling out to “Princess” to his dog as he was hunting. In fact, he wanted the name Hunter for her! His other option was Daisy, like the BB gun.

S2 chose the name Beauty. He also liked the name Rosie.

S3 chose the name College. Why? I do not know. If I knew what was going on in S3's head at any time I would be a genius.

S4 chose the name Leopard. Because leopard have orange and black stripes and she is black. He is not to be budged. When we were “not around” he would lean down and whisper in her ear, “come here, Leopard. Leopard! You like the name Leopard, don't you girl?”

S4 will one day take the world by persuasion and then storm thru the changes he feels fit.
Hubby and I were just stuck. I liked the names Addie and Heidi. He did not. He could live with Heidi, maybe, but not really. And the boys really did not think the name Heidi really existed. And even if it did, they did NOT like it.

Hubby wanted Liberty. Someone informed my husband that they knew a dog named Liberty and the dog ran away. Besides, we would call her Libby and we both weren't crazy about that name. He also loved loved loved the name Vidalia (and then he would break into the country song), and the fact it was an onion name and we are farmers (that don't grow onions, by the way) made him love it more. He also liked Lily, but we know a little girl named Lily.

We went to bed Tuesday discouraged. So very discouraged. On Wednesday, Hubby declared that today we would have a name for our dog. She HAD to have a name......

And weren't you all so great with all your names! We were bombarded with names, and it was lots of fun to read them all.....

Shadow was the one with a lot of votes, but also there was Zoe, Shade, Rinny, Tinny, Elfi (I liked this one, elf strength, that seemed to fit her), Elise, Gisa, Pinky, Maggie, Maddie, Ellie, Montie, Molly, Ruby, Dakota, Katie, Daisy Duke, Maxine, Holly, Tory, Riley, Ree, Essie, Trusty and Snowball.


I stopped by some friends of our house and he leaned down to look in her cute black face with her ears all perked up and said, “well, hello there.....Sadie.”


I liked it.

A lot.

S1 liked it, S2 could live with it, S3 just went about calling her it, S4 refused to be budged from Leopard and it was just up to Hubby.

Who loved the name too.

Since we decided we liked that name, THREE other people have mentioned that we should name her that too.

And so it is official, her name is Sadie. My Sadie Girl. Little Sadie Rose.

She is still all kinds of lovable and we are loving having her a part of the family. How could I ever have possibly thought we didn't need her to be part of the family?

Thanks to all of you for your help. To our friend who named her, expect a plate of chocolate chip cookies to be delivered to your door!


Kela said...

Congrats on picking a name for your pup!
Our beagle, Ginger Belle, just had puppies.
In our efforts to keep the kids from becoming attached to the puppies that may not have a permanent home here were in vain. They've already named them all.
1 boy: STRAP, has a white "strap" around his neck. Very fitting name.
3 girls: TEXAS, for the state shape on her back; DIAMOND, because the white in the middle of 4 black spots make the shape of a diamond and finally, COCONUT because she's white. I've never ever seen a white beagle.

Sadie Rose is a really cute name!!

Anonymous said...

DANG IT! I could've had cookies delivered to MY door!
Rebecca G.