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Monday, March 8, 2010

We Got a New Dog....

And SHE needs a name.


She is full blood, German Shepherd, five months old, completely black.

And she needs a name.
She has lived in a little coop in little garage with her two brothers (who were adorable and it was heart wrenching to choose. I stood coldly away, trying not to be attached to them instantly, but really, that is hard to do)

So here is what we will do.

Post a name to this POST, the best name you can come up with. We will list all the names that you all come up with betweeen this and the facebook post and HUSBAND will pick the name.

Winner will get some sort of prize, really. I am not sure might just be a printed of her footprint but, well, that's a prize, right?

Thanks for your help!!!!


Praise and Coffee said...

My vote is Shadow, it's Sam's moms name and her middle name. :) She's beautiful!

kstevens2743 said...

Shadow was brought up...I do like it- goes along with the black color.

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

She's beautiful!! I've never been good with naming pets (we have a grey dog named Gracie :)...

How about Soot (rhymes with foot) or Pepsi, or Pepper??