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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Why I Haven't Blogged Lately (Part Two)

I was all set to not blog again tonight...but I had to.

After writing that blog, I put the chicken in the oven. I made some french press coffee. I got the rest of dinner ready to go. I guessed when hubby would be home and began the Amish noodles I got down in Shipsi (oh wait, I haven't told you about how we made it there...I'll do that soon. You may have to remind me...)

I should have known that when Hubby arrived home and accidentally knocked over my coffee, things could go 'rough'.

They did.

Hubby decided at that exact moment, at that moment when dinner was about to be put on the table, to get all his seed books out and order some seeds. At the moment he called the seed company, the Amish noodles boiled over. The noodles are boiled in chicken broth. The chicken broth started on fire, filling the tiny kitchen with smoke, setting the smoke alarm off.

Yes, I am serious.

Hubby is holding his non telephoned ear and giving me the stink eye and I hear him say, "sorry about that, MY WIFE IS COOKING DINNER."

Meanwhile, I am jumping up and down (I am not as tall as my super tall husband) and manage to knock the smoke detector off the ceiling and I hit it so hard it clattered and banged across the floor, still going off.

S1 and I quickly ran it outside to wait for it to stop beeping.

S3 watched it all with wide eyes. He had much to tell me how I didn't follow all the rules that the fire men at school told him to do. Mainly, running the smoke detector outside and leaving him inside.

S4, well, he slept thru the whole thing.

S2, he's just sick and still stayed on the couch. He figured we'd get him if we needed to I guess.

Hubby continued to work on the seeds order.

The smoke cleared.

I decided to update the facebook status. I mean, really, that's pretty funny, isn't it. I watched out the window as a little chicken was running for her dear life as fast as her scrawny little legs could take her down the driveway and away from the house.


On the opposite side of the yard I caught sight of a big white bird flapping its wings. I looked closer, cocked my head at the odd sight. Suddenly I realized it was Mr. Goose, I have never ever seen Mr. Goose fly before.

It was then I seen Sadie.

She has snuck outside when S1 and I ran out the smoke detector I guess. But either way, she was determined to enjoy her moment of freedom by chasing every chicken she has wanted to chase and the mean humans haven't let her.

I grabbed S1 and we ran outside with the leash. Mr. Goose ran right up to us. He was desperate for help I imagine, since he usually stays far away from us. Unless he wants food scraps from dinner.

S1 and I ran for all we were worth around and around and around the yard. Finally I came behind, S1 ran to the front and he threw his body on her and I slung on the leash and we walked back to the house. We entered in and Hubby says "Oh, that was a good idea to take her for a walk before dinner."

Yup, that was all before dinner even began.

It was good, in case you wanted to know. The noodles were excellant in fact.

You just can't make this stuff up. Our life is insane. Truly funny but crazy. I guess I love it that way.

But I am now going to bed.

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Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

Comedy. That is the funniest thing I've heard all day long!!!