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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Blast From My Childhood

I think I have told you all before...but we have this super duper extremely old ancient farmhouse.

It's so old, they added electric AFTER the fact.

And....apparently they didn't think that electric would catch on.  Because some rooms in our house didn't even have an electric outlet.

At all.

But I digress.

One room works in my favor though.  It's so tiny it could fit a single bed and one skinny chest of drawers.  And that's it.  It has beautiful, girly ancient old yellow wallpaper that I can't even wash anymore because it will just wash off if I do wash it...or get it wet.

 But, it fits a little desk and hides my stacks of books really well.

I have a lot of books.  Sometimes I wonder if I have issues.

I haven't been in this room in forever.  I drop some stuff and move on.  It hides Christmas presents.  I can usually find just what I need anytime because I am the only one who goes in there.

But on one snowy Sunday, with my husband off plowing snow and the boys supposedly cleaning their room, I took on the job of cleaning my little room.

The boys entered in awe...checking over all sorts of girl treasures.  

Why would Moma want teacups?
     Who are the people in the pictures?
            Why does Moma have a picture of someone kissing? (Gross!)
                   Moma has really old, like really old, ugly dolls.

 I tried to explain this is Strawberry Shortcake, my dear favorite doll.  I remember the Christmas I got her.  She still has the bald spot on the back of her head where my brother burned her hair on my family's woodstove.

My parents cleaned out their attic about two summers ago and gave me a crate of my "treasures".  What do you do with the treasures??? I ended up putting a few up on a bookshelf...

 ...because what else do you do with "treasures"????

Sadly, I put Strawberry Shortcake with my Cabbage Patch in Storage.  For, I guess, my GRANDdaughter to play with one day.

Maybe I really do have issues.

Anyhow, the room is clean.  I'll spare you the humiliating details of how much dust I cleaned out of here, or how long it took me, but the end result made me smile....
And I honestly cannot wait to get in there and write and write and write and write.

(PS the pink phone? Okay, I just couldn't put it in storage.  It's some plastic thing but I always said 'when I grow up, I'll have a pink phone like in the old movies.'  That, obviously, hasn't happened yet, so the plastic one is sitting there.  My boys think I may have in fact gone crazy from the winter....)


Ginger said...

I love your little private room. I wish I had one. As a girl I loved my bedroom. I was the youngest child with 3 older brothers and my room held all of my treasures and was the only girly room in the house. Your little room makes me long for my old bedroom and that place of dreaming and feeling safe that I loved so much.

Many years ago my girls were snooping through some of my old things. They found my "love" scrap books. They had fun looking through the books of memories from me and Dave and were totally confused about the book of "other" guys (that one got dumped that day, LOL)

kc said...

I just cleaned out my old hope chest and found quite a few treasures in mine. Quinn loved the hope chest because it was a "REALLY BIG pirate treasure chest"! LOL
I am going to pass my cabbage patch kids on to my best friends's little girls. I figure if I hold my breath on granddaughters in the very distant future I will only jinx myself. ;-)

Karen said...

What a great room! I'm jealous girl! It looks like a perfect little haven.

Caitlin said...

I recently cleaned out an old cedar chest I have been storing my "treasures" in. It was a nice blast from the past, and there are some things that I too can't part with! I tried passing a few things down to my little sister, not having any daughters of my own yet, and she wasn't interested. I took it very personally !