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Friday, February 17, 2012

I Need to Get ReMarried

Recently, I awoke to realize that I had not washed the bowls from the soup we had eaten the night before.  "Great," I groaned as I turned on the dishwasher, "What will I do for cereal bowls this morning?"

"Too bad they don't have some great plastic ones we could have on hand for days like this," my husband offered as advice.

"OR," I began dramatically, "We could own enough bowls that we could have soup the for dinner and still have enough bowls for cereal in the morning!"

This conversation made me realize I really need to get remarried.

I would appreciate a wedding shower now more than I ever did when we got married.  I would pick the practical things that I know I'll use for forever, and pick out the big splurges that I didn't even know about before.

This year Jake and I will have been married for 15 years.

If you look around our house, you can tell we have been married for 15 years.

When our towels were well worn out, my hubby sent me to goodwill to see what I would find.  I am not a fan of buying USED bath towels, but I found one and bought this towel that (at the time) looked as if it had never been used.

 It's been used a lot since.  But, really, who else but a new bride would get the name "Jake" embroidered IN PINK on a bath towel?  I think that Jake might have not appreciated the gesture.  My Jake, on the other hand, has used it nearly to threadbare.

I used to have all matching towels.  Then I just bought what was on sale and then used colors that would hide dirt well.  But I could never keep up laundry and this year I just totally gave up and threw our beach towels in with the bath towels.  Come summer I'll need all new bath towels along with all new beach towels.


Oh my.  These are my dishes....
 The green plates (there are two missing from this picture) are the plates my mom didn't like and got rid of - to me.  The white plates I scored at a garage sale.  The blue ridged wavy edged plates Korene got for me - she went to a garage sale and found the plates (and the white bowls you see on the shelf above) and told the lady how her friend has FOUR boys and only six cereal bowls and the woman felt so badly for me she GAVE the dishes to Kor to give to me.  I have two plates left of my wedding dishes.  Jake bought me the yellow plate and the yellow bowl (and a yellow mug) for Christmas one year.  

The plastic bowls used to be great in number, this is what we have left.  And the red one can only be filled half full. It has a crack half way down the side.  The green rimmed bowl is the ONLY one left from my wedding dishes.

My cupboard shelf is held up with.....
 A container of peanuts.

Seriously, people. 

And there are many times a week I'll think, "You know, peanuts sound kinda good right now." But I can't take them from the cupboard, the whole thing would come crashing down then, I am sure.

And now lets move on to pot holders......
These are my best.

(ohhhh, see my yellow mug with coffee in it and my french press? okay, back to the post.)

The camouflage one someone made and gave to the church.  The church let the kids dig through the donations to find gifts for their parents and S4 came home with the pot holder.  He beams when I use it -which is all the time - and is thrilled he has given me my nicest pot holder.

I'll spare you my kitchen towels.

They would give you nightmares.  And you know they must because the pot holders are scary enough.

Don't get me wrong, I am blessed beyond blessed.

But in a month when your vacuum breaks and you have to borrow your friends emergency vacuum, your dishwasher breaks beyond repair, you use a beach towel for your kitchen towel, your sons only winter boots break and you have to buy another pair on the same week you realize that the limping along with groceries you have been doing isn't cutting it because you are out of everything......

It's times like that you just have to laugh.

And dream of what you would pick out NOW that you know better and are wiser and appreciate wonderful kitchen and bath things.

When you dream of pillows that aren't resown together with pink string for the upteenth time and your blankets don't have holes in them that you get your legs and arms stuck in in the middle of the night.

I thought all about this for quite some time now and told my hubby I was going to write this blog post.  I told him I was going to tell everyone I needed to get remarried.  Then I gave him a kiss on his scruffy cheek and said, "But don't worry a bit, I'd only remarry you."

Anyone with me on this? Don't you wish you could have a wedding shower NOW?


Barbara Rogers Buchanan said...

Lolol. Oh, Denise! Okay, it's me with the 6 kids again. They are all grown up now, and I've thrown away all the ratty old towels . . . I actually have 6 big thick towels in shades of green(like a forest, since I live in a log house). They are all mine. Just mine! I am the only one who uses them ~ unless someone is here on vacation. . . but the dish towels are still ratty, and the pot holders are old and used to belong to my mom. Some things do not ever change ~ because who wants to go out and spend their money on pot holders??????

Erika said...

Amen, Sister!! LOL

Gaile said...

I was just thinking about this YESTERDAY, while perusing the ridiculous bridal regististry for a wedding we've geen invited to. I guess a lot of the gifts are 'traditional' but I'm proud to say I had a more realistic registry for my wedding ten years ago, and therefore have a pretty decent selection of dishes for everyday use (even if it has begun to disappear one chipped/cracked bowl at a time). My three boys (4 if you count hubby) have done a number on my dish towels though, and since I have a thing about bleaching my bath towels, they disintegrate quickly, forcing me to buy a new set at Costco about every other year......but hey, at least they all MATCH since I only buy white ones now! Anyway, if you get re-married, what would be your #1 top priority gift to register for?

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I ALWAYS say this!!

We never had a shower or "real" wedding the first time, so it would be awesome to have one!
I splurged on our plates and bowls, but they are all chipped now - 3 years later. I'm so mad that I won't buy more. We use a lot of paper now :)
And I'm giggling with your towels - that's what I had growing up. We buy the same color towels every time, so it's hard to tell the new from the old.

The peanuts? HILARIOUS. !!

fritzfacts said...

Um...married 10 years and have the SAME towels from when we got married. It is awful. Holes, worn and oh man they are awful.

I would so be in on a remarried shower, the tings I thought I HAD to have...haha

Kerry Ann said...

I could not stop laughing at this, thanks for keeping it real. And Becca, did you buy Pfaltzgraff cause that chips. Such cute patterns and terrible quality.