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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Reality Check! Life's A Gift...Really.

A friend of mine started a blog last year.  She blogged infrequently.  But in January she decided she would blog

And every day she would mention something she was thankful for.

Even I felt a panic at blogging every day.

It's bloggers know!

But Kristi keeps at it, she blogs faithfully.  On Monday's she does catch up blogs...during the weekend she just does quick notes about what she'll blog about and then she writes them on Monday's.

Kristi is dear to me.

She calls it as she sees it and I appreciate that about her.  Our lives are different as she has two girls(...and they adore my boys.  It's soooo cute).  Her house is always insanely clean (she would disagree).  She plays sports...have I ever told you all just how UN-athletic I am?  Seriously.

But she and I share THIS in common, we fiercely love our families.

When we have a conversation, it always seems to be deep.  She knows how to cut past the chit chat to get to the heart of the matter and I appreciate this ever so much in her.

This summer she called me concerned about S1.  It was something we had missed and she caught it and cared enough to call me on it.

When she called me about blogging, she asked me some tough questions.

       Why did I blog?

                Where did I see it leading?

She asked me questions friends I have had forever haven't ever asked.  That conversation had a huge impact on me and I'm not even sure I have told her that.

Kristi lives across the field from me.  Literally.

I see her, like, a few times a year?  Hardly enough and pitifully sad considering how close we live.

Sadly, that is life, isn't it?

She is the friend whom I haven't seen in forever and can feel like it's been no time at all.

I love her to pieces.

And I think you all should check out her blog.  She is a mom of two girls in a unique situation with her husband who she is heads over heels in love with.  She lays it all out there.  You will love her honesty.

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