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Monday, February 20, 2012

What's the Difference Between a Dress and a Skirt?

Welcome to Monday....the day that was beautiful and sunny and has left me exhausted on my feet.

Okay, technically I am sitting to type so just sum it up to say I am exhausted.

BUT, I get to type this little post to you because my dishwasher is FIXED.

Did you hear cheering today?  That was me.

I had to take a moment to share some funny moments from yesterday.

My husband was feeling relief at not having a daughter after seeing his niece in a short dress for some school dance thing she went to.  Keep in mind, his niece is six foot at fifteen...the girl is model material...and he was relieved to not be the dad to see his daughter in a grown up dress.

"When I told her her skirt was too short, she told me it was a dress.  How could that be a dress?" He asked me.

"Because it was a dress," I answered simply, giggling at his adorable worry over his niece.

Silence from him (odd) and then, "What's the difference between a dress and a skirt?  A skirt is shorter, right?"

I nearly died laughing.

He seriously had NO idea.

The boys weren't sure either...but S1 figured it out.  "A dress covers all of you, a skirt doesn't," he finally said.

My husband is still not sure that I know for sure that that's the difference.  He's pretty sure a dress is something that goes below your knees and a skirt is short.

Our pastor's wife suggested I buy one of each to show him...I thought this was a rather brilliant idea.

Later, that same morning, the boys were watching CMT videos and this song came on.....

I super like this song for so many reasons.

One of them being I used to drive a 1972 four door metallic red nova with white interior.  (A moment of silence as I recall how it slaughtered a deer and did not survive....)

Anyhow, this is a GREAT song and I super like it muchly.

(Notice how badly I am rambling...I forewarned you I am exhausted!)

S4, who was listening intently, asked his Daddy how someone could roll their eyes.

"You look up and all the other person can see is the white of your eyes...." Jake could see S4 was not catching on so he said, "Just go ask your mama...she knows how to do it really well."

Do you know how hard it was for me not to roll my eyes at that?

For the rest of the morning the boys were walking around practicing rolling their eyes.


S2 has it mastered with the disgusted shake of his head and all.

And that was my Sunday morning for you all....just the Sunday morning.  Yup, barrels of laughs here all the time.


Karen said...

That is pretty funny. Now I need to ask my husband if HE knows the difference between a dress and a skirt. I'm pretty sure he does, but you never know....

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

I'm asking the boys this tomorrow....