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Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Monday

Sometimes, Monday's go like this.....

You wake up late to a head cold that has snot dripping from your nose.

It literally feels like your brain is draining through your nostrils. (nice mental image, huh?)

You wake up your boys and realize you are the mom who never knew you son slept behind the couch all night...

When you get out of the shower, you see your boys are no where near ready for school.

You blow your nose five times in the time it takes you to get dressed.

Your boys are still not dressed for school.  As in, underwear naked.

You loose your cool.

You make coffee...extra strong...and pray the cold medicine kicks in.

One of your sons wails he has not eaten breakfast and he can't find his socks and his shoes are missing and his back pack is still in the suburban where he left it Friday...and it's time for you to be leaving the house RIGHT NOW.

You loose your cool...again.

You barely make it to school.

You fall into the kitchen door of your home and make more coffee.

The medicine begins to kick in.

You get yourself prettied up a bit.

You meet with a friend for (more) coffee and share life.  You talk future plans and hobbies and connect and wish you could chat much more often as you munch on red velvet cookies with chocolate heart centers.

At the store you realize there are, in fact, enough custard filled donuts for you to get one for everyone in your family for an extra special breakfast tomorrow for Valentine's Day.  You have the cash on hand to spoil them this way. ( you have an unhealthy breakfast for an on the run breakfast tomorrow morning on an already going to be sugary day.)

Upon arriving home, all your chickens greet you and make you smile.

You have fresh blueberries in you fridge for lunch.

Your husband calls just to say he loves you.

Yup, Monday's can be like that.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

The backpack in the Suburban all weekend had me laughing. I have a son much like yours! And thank you for being a great mom who can openly admit she loses her cool. You are not alone.