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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

S3 Day

Today we were doomed to get an ice storm.
The teachers told the boys to prepare for it.
We worried and stressed over it.
I changed S3's dentist appointment because of it.

It rained.
We didn't even have a two hour delay.
S3 and I reclaimed his dentist appointment.

S3 was thrilled he had the day off of school.  A cavity to be filled was never looked forward to with such joy.  His brothers, on the other hand, thought it was totally unfair and sort of wished they had a cavity too.

Every day S3 runs around the house annoying his brothers, getting them in trouble, shrieking in laughter and silliness.  The moment he gets away from his brothers he is all kind and quiet, he runs to open the door for me and hardly says words to me.

Because it is a rare day indeed I only have one of my four boys with me, I try to make it special.  I could just drive to the dentist and then right back home again, but why not live it up if we are in the city anyhow?

After the dentist, we drove to Target to look for summer shoes for him.  He was happy to find a pair and discuss with me the pros of his new stylish shoes.

Then I found these shoes for a mere $29.99.
 S3 assured me I should purchase them.  I forwent it to purchase gas for the suburban instead.  It made me quite sad.  But I think I may have found an even better pair at Sears (on line, because I couldn't get these shoes out of my mind.) 

But after shopping we visited Starbucks in the Target (such brilliance there) were I told my coffee drinking son I would get him his own Starbucks coffee.  He chose a strawberry shake drink.  I tried not to gag as I ordered my coffee.  S3 then kept close watch to see how to make delicious coffee.  I told him it would be quite alright with me if he learned to make barista yummy coffee.
 He just looked at me like I was crazy.

We had to visit Staples, where I found a fonts program and cheered a bit in the store (although I did not purchase it) and S3 then knew I was crazy.  
 I made it up to him by buying him a calculator.  He loves calculators, it's so crazy and cute. This one bends a million ways and looks all retro and he was thrilled with it and a package of pencils that looks like money.

I told him I would take him to lunch and he chose McDonald's.  I told him he could pick something new if he wanted and he chose here....
 And I knew he was the brilliant child I knew him to be.

He could not figure out why on earth they would toss peanuts on the ground but was rather thrilled with the fact he was going to eat STEAK for lunch.  I love his grin....
He ate every piece with the toothpick that said "medium".  He thought they were brilliant to serve the steak with a plastic toothpick.  I asked him about school and tried to treat him as grown up as possible.  He had a great time. I had a great time!

Special shout out to, Mario, our server at Logan's who was about as kind and nice as could be.  When S3 left his calculator behind, he flagged us down to return it.  And that was after he was as kind as could be, keeping us well fed and filling my iced tea about a zillion times. 

After lunch we drove home and he told me he would really like to do one more thing with me since it was just him and me.

Melt. My. Heart.

We played Blokus. He and I throughly enjoy this game and it was fun to play it with just him.  When the games were done, he curled up on the couch to watch a movie in the short amount of time before his brothers arrived home.

A great day.  A day I don't think we'll ever forget.  I am so glad we didn't get an ice storm and he had a cavity!  However, I should just take a day with one of my boys on a regular basis so they don't all try to get a cavity to get a day with mom.


kc said...

What a fun day! He sounds like a sweetheart!

Becca @ Our Crazy Boys said...

One on one time is so great!!

And my kids did the same thing with the peanut shells. They looked at me really strange, then dropped one carefully on the floor. When nobody said anything to them, they dropped another. And another. It was so funny!

Kristi said...

I love this post! It has been so long since I spent a whole day one on one with either of my kids... well, doing fun stuff anyway (besides the dentist). Good for you!

Barbara Rogers Buchanan said...

Such a sweet post, Denise. I can picture every moment of it . . . especially the goofiness of young boys with their brothers . . . and how they can be totally different when alone. That's when you can really see the men they will someday become.