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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Snakes in February

We live in Michigan.

Normally this time of the year we have knee high snow and zero degree weather.

Not lately.

And, because you all know how much I love spring and beach days and summer,
you should be able to guess how much I have been liking the great weather.

But not so much when I see this......
 Yes, a snake in FEBRUARY.

And it wasn't even lethargic looking.  It BIT my husband...but he had gloves on...and garter snakes don't normally do things like that.

This...this thrills me.  All these pictures and this VIDEO are taken from my amazingly wonderful iphone that my hunky hubby got for me.  And it posted on my blog.  I literally squealed for joy.

But then when you see it's a snake you will squeal, in fear, I believe.
 I thought I was taking a photo at first and didn't realize it was on video.
But you get the idea.
The boys are thrilled over a snake.
I am not.
 As I am sure you can imagine, the boys wanted to keep the snake as a pet.
Thankfully, it's too cold to begin keeping them in the water trough they keep for a "snake habitat" in the sandbox mere steps away from my dining room window where I sit at the computer.

That's when the thought of keeping it in the house came to mind.
Their brilliant idea was soon abolished as they remembered they had a mama.
Oh, yah, her.
Who doesn't like snakes.

So they let it go.
Right next to the front porch.
Where it could curl up and hole up and live until spring.
In my front porch.
I may have seethed at my husband a bit at the thought that he did that to me.

Just being honest.

But the boys informed me today that Daddy just TOLD me he let it go there.
They actually let it go at the furtherest corner of the property.

Those boys of mine, they sure are sweet.
And must love their Moma a lot. 

One thing is for sure, though.
If February is bringing posts about snakes,
this year is sure to have a lot of posts about lots of "critters".
Lucky all of you.

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