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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Wall of Love

It's Valentine's Day.

The day where love is in the air.

But I don't have to think back long to recall a bunch of happy memories with my honey.

I only need to wake up and look at our bedroom wall.

To our wall of love.

It started as a Christmas present to him a few years back and just has sort of grown to this.  I have two new frames already purchased.  Every photo holds a memory.  The picture in the top left is when I first found out I was pregnant with S2, the latest picture of us is in the not full frame closest to you on the right.

My husband does not believe in Valentine's Day.  He informs me it is a made up day by Hallmark.

I know it's not, he knows it's not, but he refuses to celebrate it much.

Today I will be surprising the boys with a special dinner and a cake FROM THE BAKERY.  That was  an interesting call. "Yes, I would like to order a Valentine's day cake."

"Would you like flowers and hearts on that?"

"I have all boys.  Don't make it girly or they won't eat it."

Yup, that's how I ordered it.

A friend made the all the four boys a duct tape wallet. Pictures will be coming of those, I can guarantee you.  I can't wait to see how excited they will be! 

It's day to celebrate those we love.
And I've got a bunch of boys here I love whole bunches.

I'm thankful for a day I have to tell them - again - just how much I love them.

And hubby, thanks for so many happy memories.
I can't wait to make a million more happy memories more with you!
I love you from the top of my blonde head to my (frozen) bare toes!

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