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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog Day Blizzard

Last year, on this day, we had a blizzard.  I mean, a full out blizzard, not the kind that people just say was blizzardy and wasn't.

As soon as it began to snow the evening of the 1st, my husband the snowplower, made up a thermos of coffee, kissed us all goodbye and headed out.

We had no idea when he would be home.

We had no idea what the storm would bring.

You can tell in S2's face what we pretty much all felt like but only he acted on....dread.

In the morning, I made us the Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls - we pretty much survived on those (and now I am hungry).  Knowing the weather was going to get bad, we had enough groceries stocked in the house to keep us feed and well for a week.

That meant a lot of coffee, folks.

When the sun came out and we felt brave, we went out to survey all the snow.  The boys had never seen so much snow.  All our previous snow piles were HUGE snow piles.  The rock garden in our turn around was completely buried.  The wind had shifted the snow around so much that in some places there was ankle deep snow and some places it was well over my knees.

We had a lot of fun taking pictures and the boys went sledding while I fed all our chickens and wild birds.

As the sun set and we headed in for the night, we still had no idea when we would see Daddy again.

It was Groundhog's Day, which is my Dad's favorite holiday and I have to admit, I'm a bit crazy about it too.  It means spring is so close...but this day spring felt like a million days away.

But then, suddenly, in the not too late evening, my husband came barreling up the driveway.

The boys cheered as they watched Daddy clear away the snow.  Daddy was HOME!!!!! He paused for a picture with the boys, cleaned out the rest of the driveway and our renter's drive and then literally fell exhausted into bed.

He was gone out plowing again in the morning before the boys and I even were awake.

I have a very hard working husband.

When my husband got home from that blizzard, I had the video camera going.  He never knew that we were taping, he couldn't hear what we were saying, and when he seen this later it literally brought tears to his eyes.

I often find him replaying this video.  It has to be one of his all time favorites.

Sorry for the weird way the pictures and words posted this time.
It's a glitch I cannot figure out so I just pushed publish.

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