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Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Mole That Came for Coffee

The other morning I woke up extra early.
Every once in a while I wake up at some insane hour and find it pointless to fall back asleep.
Because I won't fall asleep till about six am.
Which is when I should be getting up anyhow.

So this morning I decided I would make some coffee and
drink it in bed.

I never do this.

But it was so cold that morning.
And it sounded like the ultimate luxury.

I poured my coffee in my mug and went to the fridge to get the creamer.

But there, at the corner of the fridge, was something.

Something trying to desperately dig it's way under my fridge.

A mole.

I was so stunned I dropped the creamer in my hand.

It missed the mole.

How a mole got into the house is a mystery.

My theory?
He wanted some coffee.

He didn't get any.

I picked him up and let him go outside.
 But first I took a picture to show the boys.

S4's question when seeing this photo later in the morning?
"Why didn't you paint your nails, Moma?'

Yes, that was so my first concern when picking up a baby mole.

After letting the little thing go and then scrubbing my hands a zillion times, I crawled back in bed with my coffee.
I haven't gotten up early any morning since.

It seems...rather wake up early here.

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Jeff8255 said...

Beautifully written, almost poetic.