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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dentist Day

Today all the boys had dentist appointments.  (This is where my husband begins laughing...he is not known for his endless amounts of patience and sitting in a waiting room waiting on four boys to get their teeth cleaned is not his thing. At all.)

But that was our day.

I, personally, despise going to the dentist.  I have a dentist phobia and just can hardly bring myself to go.  I try not to share this sentiment with the boys but when S4 clings to my hand and begs me to go with him to the back room, then curls his toes and twists his fingers I know he has inherited my dentist phobia.

Poor boy.

We finished up with just one tiny cavity found in S3's mouth and headed to run our errands.  And where, tell me, does one get such great service at the gas station?

The windows were sorta washed, the tank was nearly filled, the help was superb. 

We then headed to Meijer to get our Tide detergent, winter boots for S2 (so you KNOW it will not snow anymore this season) and look for a vacuum.  Ours broke and being without one is not pleasant.

At all.

Since all the boys were out of school, since we had survived the dentist, since I had just gotten paid, I told them we could go to the "cheeseburger shop" as S4 calls it and they could order whatever they wanted.

You should have seen their eyes.

It was priceless.

IF we happen to go to McDonald's, we order off the dollar menu and usually drink the bottled water I have in the back of the suburban at all times.  Not today, no siree.  It was kids meals, angus burgers and the like.  And to top it all off, shamrock shakes just made their yearly debut and they know Moma couldn't resist we all got a shake.
The total?

Just over $32 dollars.

This is why we don't ever eat out.  This is also why the boys told me four zillion times "Thank you, Moma!".

We visited a McDonalds with a play land...because what sort of McDonald's wouldn't have a play land?  The three youngest boys then spent the next nearly two hours jumping, sliding, running and squealing with joy.

The grandparents sitting behind me trying to read as their granddaughter played were not impressed with my bunch of hooligans.

S1 looked through his new favorite book, an assortment of tools to help you survive in the wilderness.  I deleted pictures off my cameras, caught up on my planner, and sat there as long as I could stand, sipping my shamrock shake and thinking it really was a pretty awesome afternoon.

So awesome, in fact, that I wore my boys out.
But, if every six months we get to celebrate surviving the dentist like this, I imagine we'll make some pretty grand memories.

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Jennifer said...

You are the best mom!